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Minnesota is in for a "doozy" of a flu season -- and may already be in the midst of it.  Flu outbreaks in Minnesota schools jumped ten-fold during the week ending December 13th to a level higher than anytime in the past four seasons, with over 200 schools reporting outbreaks. The flu vaccine is not matching up as well as officials would like with strains currently going around -- but they're still encouraging people to get flu shots, saying if you get sick it probably won't be as severe or last as long.

A day after the Fed announced it would not be raising interest rates in the near future, the Dow closed with a gain of 421 points to 17,778. Overr the last two days, the Dow has risen 709 points -- its biggest two-day gain in over six years. The Nasdaq climbed 104 points today to 4748 and the S&P 500 gained 48 to end the session at 2061.  Tech stocks helped fuel today's advance with shares in Oracle jumping almost 10%.

At least two deaths in Minnesota could be the result of eating caramel apples. Minnesota Department of Health says a multi-state outbreak of listeriosis is linked to the apples.  Four people have become ill in recent months, with all ending up in the hospital and two of them dying. Health officials are warning Minnesotans not to eat any pre-packaged, commercially-produced caramel apples until they know more. Listeriosis is a serious infection caused by eating food contaminated with the bacteria.




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