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Reports this morning say Israeli tank shelling killed 15 people and injured 90 at a United Nations school where Gaza war refugees were taking shelter.  This morning's strike at the refugee camp followed the deadliest day of fighting since the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas started three weeks ago.

Spirited reaction across the state after a federal jury awarded one-point-eight-million dollars to former Governor Jesse Ventura in his defamation lawsuit against the estate of "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle. Ventura's lawyer said after the verdict his client's reputation has been permanently damaged. But long-time Ventura critic and candidate for governor Leslie Davis disagrees, pointing to Ventura's book on the Kennedy assassination and his "Off the Grid" show on Larry King's T-V network. Davis says Ventura "made a fortune" on those ventures, but yet claims he lost income because of Kyle's book. Davis acknowledges the "American Sniper" account might have hurt Ventura's reputation among Navy SEALs, but Davis adds Ventura "was never a SEAL anyway."

A Minnesota activist is receiving support after claims he was physically attacked by police officers. Minneapolis Police say Al Flowers was arrested Saturday on charges of assaulting an officer at his home. Flowers says it was the other way around, claiming he was dragged out of his home and slammed on his head. He and other community activists held a meeting at the Minneapolis Urban League yesterday, with Flowers saying he is going to fight the charges. 





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