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The images and videos of four Boston Marathon runners carrying another to the finish line have gone viral, and one of the four is from Minnesota. Mike Johnson of Stillwater and the other runners picked up the man he knows only as Adam roughly 300 yards from the end of the course. About 50 yards from the finish line, Johnson says Adam asked to be put down and summoned the energy to walk the rest of the way. He didn't think anything of the act, and says he was surprised when what they did to help another runner appeared all over television news programs yesterday morning.

The second day of testimony was heard yesterday in the murder trial of Byron Smith, who is accused of murder in the deaths of two teenagers he caught breaking into his home. Jurors in the Morrison County courtroom listened intently to an audio recording of the confrontation between Smith and victims 18-year-old Haile Kifer and 17-year-old Nick Brady, including gunshots, screams, and the dragging of their bodies after the shootings. Family members sobbed as the tape was played. Agents from the Minnesota Bureau of Apprehension also introduced photographs, diagrams of the scene, and other evidence that was collected from Smith's home. He is charged with two counts of first degree murder.

Democrats are pushing Republicans to provide necessary votes to pass a bonding bill for state construction projects larger than the 855-million-dollar figure that both sides agreed on last year. Senate Minority Leader David Hann defends Republicans' stance, saying it's about whether or not lawmakers will spend public money simply because they have the opportunity to do it. Governor Dayton responds Republicans are "dead wrong" and are shortchanging job-creating projects all over the state. A bonding bill is one of a few major items still on the legislature's to-do list before the May 19th adjournment deadline.



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